About Us

The 66AGENCY is a new sister branch of OVRGRND, Montreal's leading social media agency with a reputable presence across Canada. We are known for how we optimize our clients’ online visibility to build hype and maintain a notable buzz about their businesses. Over the years, our clients have requested countless influencer campaigns of all varieties. Through experience, we have learned the ins and outs of the influencer marketing game and developed strong relationships with beloved social media personalities and leaders across the country. It was about time that we provided our talented influencer marketing team with enough room to reach our maximum potential--At last, the 66AGENCY was born!

In addition to our expertise in content marketing, many of our internal team members are influencers themselves. We know exactly what it takes to make all parties benefit from a collaboration! Allow us to take care of the negotiations and contracts. It is our goal to make sure our influencers and brands are getting the most out of their efforts. From advertising campaigns, to brand ambassador programs, we are equipped with the know-how and creativity to build enticing, innovative and strategic campaigns to ensure that our clients are making a massive impact on social media. Influencer marketing requires skillful storytelling with careful attention to the unique voices of all parties. It is our job to make sure that the identities of the influencers and the businesses harmonize to create targeted, enticing content, with authentic endorsement!

Thanks to 66AGENCY, your brand will have access to a diverse roster of influential social media personalities, expert content creators and passionate story tellers! With our help, brands can easily select the right influencers with brands that fit with their social media identity and their audience’s interests. We’re here to make sure that our influencers’ talents shine and our brands’ reach their goals by guiding all participants through the entire progress of building, executing and measuring your campaign.