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2017’s Top Growing Accounts, Top Insta Couples and More to Inspire You for 2018

December 20, 2017 Instagram, Social media Tags: , ,

With every year that passes content on IG gets better, new influencers arrive on the scene and Instagram releases incredible new features. All of this happening at the same time makes us very exited for what’s to come in 2018. We hope you are too, but just to make sure, here are a few lists of IG accounts we’ve noticed and which we think will inspire you for your IG game next year.


The Craziest IG Accounts

First up, the craziest influencer we could think of: @baddiewinkle

You might have seen similar beach photos before, but we can assure you that @baddiewinkle is definitely in the top lifestyle IG influencers of her age group.

@mimles for her makeup tutorials that are out of this world.

As an artist she’s created an amazing page by combining her drawing and painting skills with IG-worthy content ideas that keep her audience always wanting more.


@mothmeister for making it big with very niche content.

He’s a taxidermy enthusiast who uses his Instagram page to show off his weird, but intriguing collection. He shoots in desolate landscapes that are all as aesthetic as the next and despite his content that would appeal to a smaller audience @mothmeister has been very successful. The creator continually collaborates with other pages, has an online store selling his work and produces beautiful shots, which proves to us he knows what he’s doing when it comes to IG.

@tommylenk for his meme + fashion influencer page.

Tom is our last pick in this category for these unbelievable posts where he imitates celebrities or makes fun of the latest trends on the runway. He keeps tagging brands in his posts, but we’re pretty sure that these aren’t actually brand collabs.


Most Influential Pet

@jiffpom: for the largest Instagram pet following.

We have start the list of most influential pets with @jiffpom of course, who’s the animal with the largest following on IG. He’s accumulated over 7.3M followers, and as if this wasn’t enough his follower count has more than doubled from what it was at this time last year.

@itsdougthepug: for most original costumes.

It’s Doug and he has amazing costumes. Very cute, but also a good page to save when next Halloween comes around.

@nala_cat: working for a good cause.

The creator of @nala_cat has been able to create a huge following for her pet and has used it to secure a long-lasting collaborating with Friskies© Treats, but also partnerships with different animal welfare groups. More recently by promoting and participating at the a pet rescue event in the New York area.

@realgrumpycat : for his most iconic presence on the Internet.

We’ve all seen this grumpy cat before, on Instagram, on Facebook and maybe on TV. He’s famous and it’s great to see that his popularity didn’t change him.

@loki_the_wolfdog: for the best combination of animal and nature photography.

Now when it comes to pet photography, few pages can create the beautiful and peaceful images as well as the owners of the @loki_the_wolfgang page. Their page is very original in style and this is why Loki is in our top pet influencers.


Instagram Couples

Instagram couples could win a prize for having the IG accounts that create the most jealous followers. They portray such a perfect blissful life, we can’t help but admire their incredible IG lives. Here are our favourites by category: Travel, Fashion, Designer, Lifestyle and Artist.

@doyoutravel: the travel couple.

@twotrends: the fashion couple.

@cupofcouple: the designer couple.

@yummertime: the lifestyle couple.

@shinliart: the artist couple.


Top Growing Canadian Influencers

For this final ranking we wanted to find the Canadian influencers that have had the most success over the year. With steady growth and increasing amounts of success over the year, these influencers deserve our attention and definitely have a thing or two to teach us.

Name: Jannette Brodersen

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Avg Growth in December: 59,190 followers/month

In the summer of 2017 Jannette, a certified yoga instructor, began posting photos of her Yoga poses on IG. She quickly grew a following and at the same time quickly upped her IG game by diversifying her content and working with skilled photographers. Just scroll down a few months to notice the drastic improvement!

Name: Jay Du Temple

Location: Montreal, Canada

Avg Growth in December: 39,930 followers/month

He’s afresh face in Quebec’s entertainment industry. Jay seemed to be everywhere this year, hosting his own television show Urbart, making guests appearances on Like Moi among many other shows and going on his first one-man show in 2018. It’s clear that this influencer’s rapid growth came not from his work on social media, but instead from his non-stop offline work and collaborations with TV, radio and magazines in Quebec.

Name: Emmett Sparling

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Avg Growth in December: 25,500 followers/month

Emmett has years of experience as a photographer under his belt. He’ s won awards and prizes for his work, a quick look at his IG account will immediately prove this to be true. The growth of his account is constant, but as he shifted from being portrait-focused to travel-focused at the end of March, the growth rate of his account got better and better. If you often find yourself posting portraits, the changes made to this account throughout the year could be good to consider.

Name: Asha Bromfield

Location: Toronto, Canada

Avg Growth in December: 11,790 followers/month

Just like Jay, Asha is a TV actress making it this year on Instagram because of her growing popularity offline. Being on the CBS TV show Riverdale and now working on other shows, she’s had an audience on traditional media long before having one on IG. But Asha has additionally done a great job at branding herself on IG. She’s a contributor to online publications and frequently posts content that showcases her real personality. Working both online and offline to increase your audience is a sure way to succeed as an influencer.


As is the case every year since its start, 2017 was a big one for Instagram. Old tricks stop to work and get replaced by the new ideas of inventive creatives who always think of surprising new tricks to increase their following. The result: lot’s of influencers who were nowhere to be seen last year have succeeded more than anyone else in the past 12 months.

What can be learned from many of the pages above is that no matter their category or size today, when these pages were started they were focused on a niche audience. As the page grew in popularity, the creators adapted the style to suite their larger audience’s tastes. You’ll notice that all the biggest pages mentioned in our top rankings started posting many years ago, over time slightly moved away from their niche and improved their overall style to finally create the polished, professional and beautiful content they are known for today.