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December 18, 2019 Influencer Marketing

2020 is coming in swinging and before we jump into the next existing projects we wanted to share a recap of what we’ve been up to lately.


We had the opportunity to work with Under Armour Canada and the Montreal Canadians to maximize the visibility of their 2020 Storm The Centre Challenge.

Reaching over 180,000 relevant users and acquiring over 200,000 impressions.

Batams treated like NHL Pros as they Storm the Center – Under Armour


Our tribe loves working with SkipTheDishes!
The variety is unreal and it really allows our influencer to get creative with the content creation process.


Three lucky influencers had the opportunity to go visit this magical place and participate in activities such as slacklining. kayaking, and much more!

The content created was outstanding, showing what ‘glamping’ is really all about.

Reaching over 83,540 relevant users and acquiring over 80,000 impressions.


Two influencers had the opportunity to send messages of encouragement to young members of the LGBTQ2+ community on behalf of TD during Montreal’s annual Pride festival.

Not only was the content created unreal, the influencers were present on-site interacting with the community and spreading a message of acceptance and inclusivity. 

Reaching over 55,000 relevant users and acquiring over 66,000 impressions.


Ten influencers were selected to be set up with a year-long Sunwire Home Internet connection and share the perks of being a Sunwire customer with their audience.

The campaign content exceeded our expectations and generated a great deal of brand awareness to this internet provider.

Reaching over 55,000 relevant users and acquiring over 70,000 impressions.

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