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3 Brands Growing Through Influencer Marketing in Montreal

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We all know by now how big and small brands from around the world have been able to use influencer marketing with amazing success. In the following article however, we forget about the world and bring you back to Montreal, where 66AGENCY was founded and where many Canadian brands have stood out with their unbelievable influencer marketing efforts. Here are our top picks and what they do best:

1. Frank + Oak


The founders of Frank and Oak have developed product lines, an online shopping experience and marketing strategies that keep amazing us. To top it off, Frank and Oak have really become one of Montreal’s favorite start-up success stories, so we couldn’t forget to include it in our top 3. We especially want to take a look at their marketing efforts on IG.


A Multitude Male Micro-influencers

F+O’s first line of clothes were made exclusively for men. They quickly understood that their clientele, although fashionable, wasn’t necessarily interested in fashion influencers. If you scroll down their feed today you’ll see a multiple of male influencers ranging from photographers and travelers to musicians and barbers.

Market Segmentation using Multiple Pages

They’ve now expanded with a much wider range of products and many lines of products for women. However, to avoid alienating their initial followers with posts they arem’t used to, F+O decided to create a second IG page “Frank And Oak Women”. Two segments, two pages because each segment enjoys their own type of content.

Follower Engagement Strategy

F+O has also been great at rewarding their customers who tag them in their posts by featuring them on their pages. This had led to high levels of engagement from a segment of their customers who would love to be featured. Similarly, their efficient use of local micro-influencers has had another surprising effect on their community. It inspired many would-be influencers to post their F+O purchases hoping to catch the attention of the brand and perhaps be included in their next campaign.


2. Nuda


Nuda is a chain of tanning salons in Quebec and Ontario that provides spray tans and healthy alternatives to UVA and UVB ray exposure. However, it’s not their products or their large number of locations all over Montreal that caught our attention, but the incredible influencer marketing campaigns they ran on IG and Youtube during the summer.


Great Product Promotion

Scrolling down Nuda’s feed you will see that product and brand photos are rare. Most posts are beautiful beach photos or photos of the perfect tan. Unlike many brands that seek to self-promote, Nuda understands the type of content their clients enjoy and have been providing it at an extremely high quality.

The Power of a Cool Idea

During the summer is when Nuda ran an amazing influencer marketing campaign, and we first heard of the brand. They launched a highly promoted event that culminated in a pool party where Montreal’s biggest influencers could be seen spending the day in the sun. It got audiences excited and impatient to follow what was going on at the #nudapoolparty once stories started to get published.

Perfect Shots are Always Shared

With such a big event that gathered both influencers and fans of the brand, it’s no surprise that the amount of photos taken and shared was astronomical. We’re very certain that the exposure gained for Nuda set a record that day.

3. The Hudson’s Bay


Today, it’s hard to believe that the Hudson’s Bay was once an old retailer with a dying brand image and disappointing sales figures. In recent years, they’ve completely revamped their stores and have successfully attracted multiple client segments. An important part of their rebranding took place on social media, especially on IG with the use of influencer marketing.


Make Campaigns Feel Fresh

They’ve had many campaigns all throughout the summer that really captured what they wanted their brand to mean to a younger audience. Additionally, their collaborations gave the brand an adventurous, outdoorsy and stylish energy.


During the summer months, their feed reflected their style and adventurous taste. During the winter holidays, HBC promoted their home decor products in a genuine manner. Their influencer partnerships filled their page with amazing photos and allowed the brand to reach interested audiences.

Family Photos That Aren’t Bad

We wanted to end our article with an interesting detail, but one that is always present in HBC’s posts. Because HBC stores are very large and attract very wide segments, they need to be careful about what they post on their social media. HBC, unlike F+O, kept one page, but addressed this difficulty by being very precise in their choice of photos. Far from the tacky TV ad targeted to families, HBC’s posts are well targeted to one segment, yet are never images that other segments might dislike.