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Case Study: Rubino Shoes Black Friday Campaign

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Rubino Shoes is among the leading retailers of branded footwear in Quebec. Family owned, and in business for over 25 years, Rubino specializes in offering superior-quality, and wide assortments for men, women, and children at unbeatable pricing. During this campaign, 66 AGENCY collaborated with 10 Quebec based Instagram influencers who most relate to the desired audience and carry the brand’s spirit.

Our Purpose

The Rubino Shoes campaign was centered around the Black Friday holiday sale period aiming to drive awareness and sales conversions, but also to communicate to the fashion conscious millennial demographic the width span of the brands offered and how Rubino is a destination that continuously expands product offerings to adapt to the lifestyle of their clients.

Our Approach

To ensure that Rubino’s message was heard clearly, and with the right audience, we chose influencers that create content that is not only high in quality but easily relatable to their audiences, mirroring the brand lifestyle and persona of Rubino for a seamless partnership.

With the influencers being in varied stages of life and career, spanning from students to dancers, certified accountants, and even moms, the range of audiences who saw the content was widened by the variety of roles each influencer carried within a respective sphere. Choosing from the wide selection of brands carried by Rubino, the content span related directly with the campaign’s goal to communicate the ample selections available during their promotional period, creating a buzz for holiday purchases during the increasingly competitive timeframe.

We asked each influencer to create 3 stories, each with a different approach, speaking into who Rubino is, the brand offerings, and the promotional pricing available during the weeks surrounding Black Friday as well as a swipe-up link directly to the Rubino website. We also asked for one post with the pair of shoes chosen, made in the style that suits the influencer’s personal aesthetic and branding. This mix of instant and creative content allows for a connection with the product as it is integrated into multiple lifestyles but also engages the audience to make a direct purchase based once the need is created.

Our Impact

30 stories and 10 posts of brand integrated content successfully generated hype around the Black Friday promotion. Rubino was well impressed by the quality and reach of the campaign.


The two-week long Rubino Shoes campaign created a good amount of brand awareness, solidifying the reputation of Rubino as a premium footwear destination across Quebec’s metropolitan areas. The micro-influencers created solid engagement which averaged 6% engagement rate. Based on the quality of the content combined with each influencer’s relatability with their followers the campaign was able to rise above the 5% industry average.

Total Likes: 9 113

Total Comments: 221

Total Reach: 194 900

Link Clicks: 664

Sticker Taps: 4 246

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