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Is It Ever Too Much Sponsored Content in 2019?

June 4, 2018 Influencer, Instagram, Personal brand Tags: , , , ,

Have you ever seen an Instagram account with too much sponsored content? We have and we can only imagine what followers of those accounts must think. When it comes to the right amount of sponsored content its all a matter of opinion, but here are a few factors to take into account.


Influencer Category

Certain types of influencers lend themselves very well to branded content. It’s almost as if influencers in fashion or food find all of their value in their ability to see trends and recommend brands and companies. Followers know that most of their content is sponsored in some way, however, it doesn’t take away from the quality of their content. What’s the point of suggesting a new look if there’s no way for followers to know what brands are being worn?


Keeping Content New

Any brand manager will know that a brand needs to be renewed continually to stay relevant. For instance, the Oreo brand is 105 years old, but far from being your grandmother’s cookie. It has stayed young and interesting to kids today. If influencers don’t continually try to offer something new to followers, their followers won’t be interested for very long. Constantly repeating similar campaigns and collabs becomes old very quickly. It’s great to be able to work with a brand for long periods of time, but make sure to keep your content new and original.

Innovative Campaigns Please

Many brands now understand the necessity for innovative content. There are so many different types of posts you can create on IG today. Time to switch up that shot of your watch at a local cafe! There are more and more options available to play with in stories, videos and image posts. Despite each campaign having its requirements, brands always allow you to add your own creative direction to the campaign.


Credibility of Brands

If you have the chance of being offered a collab with an international brand, their credibility in the eyes of your followers should be taken into account. As we’ve spoken about before, the attributes of the brand you work with will spill over onto your personal brand. Having the backing of a successful and well-known brand will make you look successful as well and give you more credibility.

Look at Your Metrics

The number of engagement metrics available on Instagram is a great advantage. From knowing the views and engagement on your stories to being able to see the historical data concerning growth, use these stats to analyse the effect each campaign has on your account. Are your collaborations bringing you new followers? Have they had an effect on your average engagement rate? Are you receiving more comments?



As the number of influencers and the number of people striving to become influencers themselves increases, the general attitude towards brand collaboration is becoming more positive than ever. Followers won’t mind seeing collabs, as they know how influencer marketing works and know it’s part of the job and the fun of being an influencer. Despite this trend, there still is such a thing as too many collabs and each influencer must decide for themselves what’s best for them and their account.


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