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Money on Ads as an Influencer

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Should influencers use ads to promote themselves? And if so, should they use Facebook or Instagram? The answer we get from most influencers is simply “I’m not sure, I don’t use ads myself.” On our end, we think that when an influencer uses ads the right way, it can grow their account, teach them a new skill and allow them to remain as genuine as ever.

Tip #1: Promote a Project

Most influencers agree that it would be bizarre to promote a personal profile on social media. Somehow it wouldn’t look totally right if a friend sponsored a post of their night out in the city. However, it would make sense to see ads for a foodie influencer’s quest to explore the best ice cream parlors of Montreal.


It’s a very common practice to use sponsored ads to promote projects or posts that can stand on their own without an individual’s brand behind them. Although you would be running this project, it would have its own brand and to followers it would almost seem completely independent.

So the project can be promoted while the reach of your more personal posts remain organic. Don’t worry about having to think of new ideas, it’s very easy to choose what you want to promote from your existing posts.

Tip #2: Create a Separate Page for Your Project

Whether this is on Facebook or on Instagram, there are so many successful pages that have been started by influencers. In many cases, it’s only after a page gained popularity that the person who started it began to grow their personal brand.

Instagram or Facebook? It’s really up to you. For most of you, Instagram is your main platform and where you have influencer experience. For this reason, we recommend Instagram, but if Facebook is your preferred platform, then go with Facebook.

The first followers on your new page will be the fans you already have on your main account, but as daily ads help you grow the page, you’ll be able to have two different audiences following your content.

Now you can see how these two completely different pages will both grow on their own. As we’ve mentioned above, it isn’t necessary to create a new page to successfully use ads. Many influencer accounts will be very focused on their niche and will produce content that isn’t too personal and very promotable.

Tip #3: Link Your Project Page to Your Profile

You might have guessed this one already. If the bio in your project mentions your main influencer account, some of those people that follow the project will also begin following you.

With a second page, you’re now reaching two different audiences. If you’ve read our post about pricing yourself as an influencer, you’ll remember that views on all your pages should be added up during collabs. Having that extra page with more views is another advantage of separating your content.

We do believe that this is genuine influencer marketing. IG only shows people the sponsored post when they know there’s going to be an interest towards it. And all of those who decide to follow you are definitely more interested than the rest.

Why not experiment with the idea? With a bit of extra time on your hands and creativity to produce the content, it’s a great opportunity! For one last extra tip we suggest you begin with a budget that won’t hurt your wallet. Try 3$ per day at first. Keep learning and testing and see where your new page can go!