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Our #BeTheMeister Campaign (Case Study)

November 23, 2017 Facebook, Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media Tags: , , ,

Jägermeister’s very popular orange and green logo is recognized by all. Many consumers however lack the brand knowledge to properly identify what Jägermeister really represents. More than drinking shots, the brand stands for uniqueness, mischievous charisma and being bold and daring. During the #BeTheMeister campaign 66AGENCY enlisted 17 Canadian Instagram influencers that exemplify these values in their day-to-day lives to educate their audiences on the true meaning of Jägermeister.


Our Purpose

#BeTheMeister is a Jägermeister Canada campaign about being the master of your craft. In Jägermeister’s own words “Do what you do masterfully and you can live by your own rules.” The purpose of the campaign was to solidify brand recall breadth of Jagermeister and communicate these values to a millennial demographic.


Our Approach

To share Jägermeister’s message, we chose influencers with a following of young adults and who personify the brand’s ideals. DJs, dancers, travellers or painters, these influencers all came from different backgrounds, but were exceptional in their individual field.

This diversity of influencers allowed us to associate the brand with a range of behaviours, such as going on outdoors adventures, dancing with friends, creating art and generally enjoying the present moment. With the idea to increase the breadth of the brand image, we asked our influencers to position the Jägermeister brand not only in drinking contexts, but more importantly in relation to their unique lifestyle and abilities. Especially those abilities that led them to “live by their own rules.” In doing so, we would remind followers that Jägermeister is a drink fit for more than one occasion.

We asked influencers to each publish 2–6 posts during the span of the campaign. Why use multiple posts? For one, it increases retention of the message being communicated. Second, it provided each influencer the opportunity to vary their brand-focused content and build strong and favorable associations between their personal brands and the Jägermeister identity. Once the strategy was established, personalized packages of Jägermeister were sent to influencers who began producing their incredible content.


Our Impact

Among the 62 pieces, 70% were brand-focused and 30% were brand-integrated content for #BeTheMeister. Jägermeister found the quality and consistency of the content to surpass their expectations.



The 3 month long #BeTheMeister campaign had a significant impact in driving brand knowledge for Jägermeister and defining its identity for the Canadian market. The micro and middle-influencers created massive engagement, which hit a high 10.4% engagement rate. Skilled influencers, top-quality content and a effective management made it possible to outperform the influencer marketing industry average of 4.6%.

Total Likes: 56 761

Total Comments: 1 589

Total Reach: 510 460

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