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How to Grow a Following with Traditional Media

November 29, 2017 Instagram, PR, Traditional media Tags: , , , ,

According to PR consultant Josh Elledge, 90% of journalists and reporters use Twitter daily. Today’s news cycles are very short and journalists are constantly using social media to find new educational or entertaining stories. If you have an idea for a story and found a journalist that has written on a similar topic in the

Our #BeTheMeister Campaign (Case Study)

November 23, 2017 Facebook, Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media Tags: , , ,

Jägermeister’s very popular orange and green logo is recognized by all. Many consumers however lack the brand knowledge to properly identify what Jägermeister really represents. More than drinking shots, the brand stands for uniqueness, mischievous charisma and being bold and daring. During the #BeTheMeister campaign 66AGENCY enlisted 17 Canadian Instagram influencers that exemplify these values

How to Price Yourself as an Influencer

November 16, 2017 Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media, Uncategorised Tags: , , , ,

Many influencers on our roster also work independently with brands and have been asking about the topic of pricing, so today we’d like to finally answer all of their questions. It’s much more advantageous to base yourself on the industry, than to rely on the offers made to you when choosing your prices. For this

Case Study: Our 2017 Casper Campaign

November 8, 2017 Influencer Martketing, Social media, Youtube Tags: , , , , , , ,

For any business entering a new market, it can be difficult to reach out to consumers who are loyal elsewhere and often have biases towards foreign brands. Casper Sleep, a New-York based mattress company, entered the Canadian market at the end of 2014 and was looking for a campaign that would continue to increase their

4 New Instagram Features on Their Way or Already Here

November 1, 2017 Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media, Uncategorised Tags: , , , ,

  Over the years, Instagram has stayed fresh and exciting by continually integrated new features. So here are 4 big changes (and 2 extra) that may be coming to Instagram soon and which you might want to prepare for.   The New 4 X 4 Grid During the last couple weeks many people have seen their

How To Identify Genuine Influencers

October 25, 2017 Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media Tags: , , ,

  Marketing through influencers has many benefits, but like any other marketing channel it also has some weaknesses. We decided to write an article about the a few of them including unusual metrics, fake influencers and follower-bots, while clarifying what we at 66AGENCY are doing to solve these issues.   Media Transparency & Standardisation In

Devrais-je toujours utiliser le #ad?

October 17, 2017 Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media, Uncategorised Tags: , , , ,

  Pensez-vous être capable de reconnaître toutes les publicités qui passent sur vos médias sociaux? Et pensez-vous qu’il est facile pour une audience de repérer les publications commanditées et non commanditées d’un influenceur? Ce n’est pas toujours évident aujourd’hui. Les publicités deviennent de plus en plus subtiles et nous sommes souvent surpris à quel point

Les 5 caractéristiques d’un bon influenceur

October 11, 2017 Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media, Uncategorised, Youtube Tags: , , ,

Avec le nombre croissant de plateformes et de statistiques, faire le choix d’influenceurs est devenu plus complexe que jamais. Alors, comment choisir le bon influenceur et quels aspects sont les plus importants à analyser? Selon nous, il y a 5 caractéristiques majeures à considérer.   Être Vrai Que signifie être vrai lorsque l’on sait que

What’s an influencer?

October 4, 2017 Facebook, Influencer, Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media Tags: , , , ,

We often hear that online influencers are the celebrities of the future, but to advertisers they already offer much more. If you ask any 15 year old who they admire, your answer will likely include an influencer or two. They’ve created a name for themselves with funny videos, original photography or compelling blog articles. They

What Agencies See When They Look at Your Instagram Account

September 17, 2017 Facebook, Influencer, Influencer Martketing, Instagram, Social media, Youtube Tags: , , ,

  When agencies choose influencers for their campaigns, some elements of the Instagram profile are given more weight than others and we want to make sure you know what those are! So let us share with you how an agency looks at your feed, your metrics and your past collaborations.   Your Feed By now