Who are we?

The 66AGENCY is a new entity created by the OVRGRND agency.

The OVRGRND agency has been Montreal's leading social media agency since 2012. From advertising campaigns to influencer programs, we create enticing, innovative and strategic content to ensure that our clients are making an impact on social media. Our tech-obsessed team optimizes our clients’ online visibility to build the hype and maintain a buzz. Our clients have requested influencer campaigns over the years and we have studied the ins and outs of the game! In addition to our expertise in content marketing, many of our internal team members are influencers themselves. It was about time to we provided our influencer marketing team with enough room to reach our maximum potential by launching the 66Agency!

How does 66AGENCY work?

We offer a hand-picked catalogue of influencers that brands can partner with to target their ideal audiences and increase brand awareness. With our expertise, we help match the right influencers for your brand so that they can create content with an authentic endorsement. From casual social media stories, to an expertly planned photoshoot or video content, the opportunities are endless! It is our job to help the influencer and the brand tell the most compelling story. We take care of all the necessary steps in creating a killer campaign: from pairing the ideal influencers, to clarifying the terms and conditions, providing the contracts, booking photographers and videographers (if need be), reviewing and preparing content for approval, ensuring that posts go live as scheduled and measuring the impact of the collaboration. We are also here to answer any questions you may have about influencer marketing campaigns, such as “what are the requirements for mandatory disclosure?” (Keep reading our FAQ to find out!).

What social media channels does The 66AGENCY support?

We currently support Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


Why run an influencer marketing campaign?

Influencer marketing is the way of the future. A recent survey reported 84% of marketers are planning on investing in at least one influencer campaign this year. Another statistic that highlights the importance of influencer marketing is the fact that 47% of online consumers use ad blockers--making running ads less rewarding than they once were. One cannot rely on their ads going through to their target markets’ newsfeeds, but they can reach their ideal market through the beloved social media personalities and leaders that they follow! Through this type of marketing you can benefit from the fact that your target audience is already interested in the influencer’s posts.

Those with social media influence understand that their audience is fickle and can unfollow them with a click of a button. For this reason, influencers prioritize the quality and tone of each post. Everything they share with their followers must feel authentic to their personal brand that their audience has grown to know and love. This reinforces their audience’s trust in the honesty of the endorsement behind the brands and products that the influencer features. This is what makes influencer marketing so impactful! The amount of reach, exposure and impressions is only half the value of what a social media influencer has to offer a brand. The association to the influencer’s personal brand and their seal of approval makes an impact on their viewers and on your sales!

How can I get an influencer campaign started?

You can request a proposal here.

Where are the influencers of the 66AGENCY located?

Many of our influencers reside in Canada however their audiences are found across the globe. You can see the specific location of each influencer by clicking on their profiles.

What makes an influencer a good match for your brand?

The right influencer has...

  1. Their followers are your target: The influencer’s loyal followers need to match your ideal target market. We have access to their followers’ statistics and can help guide you towards the best choice.
  2. The perfect social media feed: The influencers’ feeds have to align with the type of product or service you’re promoting. If the brand can fit perfectly with the influencer feed, your campaign will be a success.
  3. Authenticity: The right influencer will familiarize themselves with the product. They will believe in what they are promoting. Our influencers prioritize conveying genuine endorsement! Posting content that is cohesive with their personal brand and story will have a much higher impact. It’s better for the brand, the influencers, and their audiences.


What we can offer you?

As well as having an expertise when it comes to content marketing, we have a well established reputation as the go to agency for kick-ass social media and influencer campaigns. By signing up with us as an influencer you can expect exciting opportunities with major brands, as well as our support along the way and throughout! We will help with all your contracts and content revisions. It is our goal to help you utilize your talent to its fullest potential.

How do I become part of your influencer roster?

Start by heading to our sign up page. Then connect either your Instagram, Facebook or Youtube account. Currently, you must have a public profile, have at least 5,000 Instagram followers and lastly you must make your Instagram account into a business account by attaching it to a Facebook page.

Why do I need to make my Instagram page a business account?

It is important because we will be able to have access important statistics and information that will help us best match you up with the right campaigns. Brands will need access to this telling data to make sure that you can reach their target markets.

How do I reach out to brands to work with me?

Once you've filled out your profile, brands can search through our database and find you based on your profile details. They will be able to request you for their upcoming campaign. Thereafter, we will contact you to notify you about the collaboration request and get the ball rolling from there!

Can I change my price?

Yes, you will be able to change your price depending of the amount of followers and average level of engagement. When you connect your Instagram account, we will ask you to put a price that you think is reasonable in regards to your stats.

How many collaborations can I get?

The 66AGENCY does not limit the number of collaborations you can accept! However we strongly recommend posting sponsored content no more than once or twice a week.

What type of brands can I work with?

As an influencer, you can choose which brands you would like to work with by accepting or declining collaboration requests. By selecting what category to associate your profile with, you can indicate to brands the type of products or services you would like to promote.

How do I get paid?

Our influencers are paid out every 15th and last day of the month once your campaign commitment has successfully been executed.

What do brands usually ask for?

For sponsored posts, brands typically ask that an Influencer create a photo with a caption that reflects their campaign goals. Generally, they will include a hashtag to use, an account to tag and sometimes a link to insert in your bio. Make sure you check the collaboration request for all requirements, and ask us if anything is unclear. Other requests can include promoting a promo code or attend an event.

Does 66AGENCY take care of my taxes?

You are an independent contractor, so we do not withhold any taxes. You are entirely responsible for your own tax obligations.

What are the requirements for mandatory disclosure?

If your business operates in the US or Canada, there are industry regulations that govern the usage of sponsored social posts. The Competition Bureau and Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) require social media posts contain mandatory disclosures that outline the relationship between influencers and the brand – whether there’s a monetary exchange or an in-kind exchange – if there’s a relationship established, your brand is subject to these regulation and potential fines.

Our team helps facilitate the collaborations between you and the influencers and will remind you of the mandatory disclosure rules.


If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.